A proper skincare routine is vital if you want to have healthy and glowing skin. It is not rocket science and does not involve numerous expensive products. You just have to be consistent enough to use those few products that match your skin type and concern. If you are a novice, you would certainly be doubtful about the application of products. It's a quick guide to how to build your skincare routine.

Essential Skincare Products You Will Need


A facial cleanser is the most basic product for our skin, the first step to your skicare routine. Our skin comes in contact with dirt and infinite pollutants. These need to be removed daily to prevent the clogging of skin pores. Using a cleanser twice a day helps in maintaining clean, healthy, and hygienic skin.

The important thing is to find the perfect cleanser for our skin type. Oily or acne-prone skin needs foaming liquid facewash, dry skin needs lotion/cream, and sensitive skin needs oil-based cleanser, micellar water works for every skin type though.


The second step should be of applying serum. If facewash helps in removing dirt from the skin, the serum helps in bringing glow and youthfulness to the skin. People in their thirties should start using serum regularly as per their skin type.

Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, retinol, and vitamin C are generally looked after while searching for a 'good' serum. If one helps in hydrating the skin, the other helps in brightening it. If one helps in boosting collagen production, the other treats the redness and irritation.


Now what's required is the application of moisturizer. Everyone knows that moisturizers moisturize, hydrate, and soften the skin but very few know that all skin types need a moisturizer that too all year round. Yes, our skin needs moisturizer in the summer as much as it needs it during the winter.

The choice of moisturizer depends on the skin type. If oily skin needs gel-based moisturizers, dry skin needs cream-based moisturizers, and normal or combination skin would be alright with lotions.


Sunscreen is the last step of skincare routine. Today sunscreen is as important as facewash and moisturizers are. One should not go outside without applying sunscreen if one wants to maintain healthy skin. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher should be chosen for good coverage.

Applying sunscreen regularly not only helps in preventing sunburns and premature aging but also reduces the risk of skin cancer. The major and most commonly known benefit is to fight against the UV rays that attack the immune system too.

Which products to use?

Vitamin C Facewash

How cool is that if a facewash, apart from eliminating dirt and toxins, provides your skin the benefits of Vitamin C as well! Dr. Sakhiya's Vitamin C facewash not only cleanses your face but also repairs the damage caused by free radicals. Moreover, the content of mulberry and witch hazel helps in the natural renewal process of the skin. This facewash targets various skin problems like aging, dullness, uneven skin tone, excess oil production, etc.

How to use?

  1. Wash your face with water.

  2. Take facewash in a good amount and apply it generously on the face and neck.

  3. Give a gentle massage for a few minutes and then, rinse well.

  4. Its application twice a day is good for effective results.

Youthful and Brightening Skin Face Serum

    This serum contains hyaluronic acid and 20% vitamin C. Along with hydrating and brightening the skin, it treats hyperpigmentation. It is specifically curated by a team of experts in such a way that it suits every skin type and attacks the most common skin issues. It is lightweight and gets absorbed quickly. Regular usage of this serum brings back life to dull, dehydrated, and sun-damaged skin. Moreover, it works wonderfully for acne-prone and aging skin.

    How to use?

    1. Use a mild face wash to wash your face.

    2. Take 4-5 drops of the serum and apply it to your neck and face.

    3. Gently massage in a circular motion until the serum gets absorbed into the skin.

    4. Use it twice a day for better results.

     Vitamin C and Ceramide Moisturizing Body Lotion

    If you are tired of dull and rough skin and looking for some product to nourish it with the goodness of ceramide and vitamin C, this is the right product for you. Dr. Sakhiya's Vitamin C and Ceramide Moisturizing Body Lotion will certainly help you bring back the lost glow and boost collagen production. Along with moisturizing and revitalizing the skin, it also evens out the skin tone and protects the skin from any damage caused by pollutants. It locks in the moisture and hence, nourishes the skin deeply. It is a perfect solution for dry, itchy, flaky, and dehydrated skin but suits all skin types

    How to use?

    1. After the shower, take lotion generously and apply it all over the body.

    2. Massage in a circular motion to help the lotion penetrate the skin.

    3. Use it daily for the smoothest skin.

     Sunscreen Enriched with Aloe Vera Extract

    Isn't it a great idea to use sunscreen that nourishes the skin along with protecting it from harmful UV rays? Dr. Sakhiya's sunscreen is enriched with aloe vera extracts and hence, does all the functions of sunscreen while providing the benefits of aloe vera. It protects from the sun's rays, reduces premature aging, and avoids skin tanning and skin discoloration. It is non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested. It is non-sticky, water-resistant, and safe for all skin types.

    How to use?

    1. Apply a thin layer of sunscreen on all your exposed body parts 30 minutes before going outside.

    2. Repeat the application every 4 hours, if outside.

    Everyone is not fortunate enough to get good skin genetically. One needs to take care of it; follow a routine, get suitable products for your skin, and apply them regularly for being effective.