In today's world, some people can spend money for looking and feeling good but many can't do that. Some can't manage to take out time to go for getting skin treatments done whereas others can't spend money. Hence, the home-based peeling method has come to their rescue. Quickpeel is one product that eases skin peeling at home without adverse reactions.

You can get properly rid of dead skin cells while dealing with aging issues and hyperpigmentation all at once. Generally, the at-home peel should be chosen wisely depending on the skin type and allergic issues, if any. But Quickpeel is customized for all skin types and hence, is safe for everyone. It gives you a smooth texture and firmer skin. First-timers and those with sensitive skin should always do a patch test.

Why to go for Quickpeel?

Quickpeel is a home-based peel that is a huge time and money saver. It is an effective and instant way of gaining a glow. This product also helps in getting rid of those irritating blackheads and whiteheads. Its major content is glycolic acid, combined with plant extracts, that deals with rough skin, pigmentation, open pores, and acne.

After every application, Quickpeel removes dead skin cells, which helps in bringing out the glow. It gives you younger-looking and velvet-touch smooth skin without failing. With every use, you can feel fresh and healthy skin. Use Dr. Sakhiya's Face Wash and Serum along with Quickpeel for best results. Since skin gets a little vulnerable after peeling, you are advised to use Dr. Sakhiya's Sunscreen before going outside.

Portulaca oleracea extracts in Quickpeel hydrate and soothes the skin. Its humectants are responsible for giving you fresh and healthy skin. It repairs your sun-damaged skin and also treats aging issues.

The acne breakouts are very well dealt with with the piper methysticum extract. Because of this, the Quickpeel helps in treating various skin issues like leprosy and promotes wound healing and canker sore.

The peptides in Quickpeel help in lightening and brighten the skin tone. They also moisturize and shield the skin against pollutants, bacteria, harmful UV rays, etc. These are very essential for treating sun damage, acne spots, hyperpigmentation, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

How to use?

You can start using Quickpeel and reapply it every 3-4 days. Later, you can do it once a week or as per your requirement.

Instructions for 1st and 2nd application-

  1. Wash your face.

  2. Take a small quantity of quickpeel and apply it downwards starting from the forehead and moving down to the chin, which covers the whole face and neck area.

  3. Keep it for some time, say 15-20 minutes.

  4. Wash well with water keeping your eyes tightly closed.

  5. In the end, do moisturize.

3rd application onwards-

  1. Wash your face.

  2. Take a small quantity of quickpeel and apply it downwards starting from the forehead and moving down to the chin, which covers the whole face and neck area.

  3. Do a second coating of quickpeel over and above the first one.

  4. Leave it only for 5-10 minutes.

  5. Rinse with normal water and keep your eyes tightly closed while doing it.

  6. To avoid sensation, moisturize.

Time is a constraint for everyone, whether we talk of skincare or healthcare. Hence, people look forward to instant ways of getting rid of dirt and gaining glow. Quickpeel is the best solution for a majority of our skin issues. If portulaca oleracea extract hydrates the skin, the peptides and piper methysticum extracts diminish the acne breakouts. It is the easiest way of peeling in the comfort of your home without wasting time.