Skin does not always need expensive products to be applied to remain healthy but it's about the regular application of good quality products. A proper skincare routine helps a big time in keeping our skin healthy and beautiful.

Here are a few tips that you should follow for healthy skin

  1. Cleansing is a must

You must cleanse your face before going to bed whether you have applied makeup or not. If you are sleeping with makeup on, those makeup particles will stay on your skin and clog the pores. Even if you are not wearing makeup, your skin carries a lot of pollutants that affect collagen production, and hence, the health of your skin. So make it a habit of cleansing your face before going to bed to avoid any skin aging issues.

  1. Never forget to apply sunscreen and serum

Nowadays, sunscreen is necessary to be applied whether you go outside or stay indoors. UV rays are majorly responsible for the early signs of skin aging, such as sagging, wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines. Sunscreen is very important in protecting our skin from harmful UV rays. Equally important is using a serum. Applying it twice a day helps the skin in regaining the lost luster and nutrients.

  1. Drink water at least 2-3 liters in a day

Keeping oneself hydrated is the best way to keep numerous health issues at bay. It is not only essential for your physical well-being but also the proper functioning of the body cells. Since most of the body cells are made of water, intake of proper water keeps them hydrated and young. This would leave the skin flawless, radiant, and free of pores.

  1. Keep moisturizing your skin

One should always use moisturizer irrespective of their skin type and the environment they live in. Moisturizer is an essential element in daily skincare routine as it helps in regaining the lost moisture and oil and hence, moisturizer helps in making our skin more plump, radiant, smoother, and younger-looking. Choose the type of moisturizer as per your skin type.

  1. Healthy diet

Remember one thing; your skin reflects what you eat. So try to involve healthy food in your diet to get healthy and glowing skin. It does not happen overnight and hence, healthy food such as fruits and vegetables, on a regular basis is required if you are willing to have healthy and younger-looking skin. Vitamins A, C, E, and K, zinc, and omega-3 work wonders for the skin so consume these nutrients in all the ways possible.

  1. Don't hesitate in taking supplements

Our food can provide most of the nutrients required by our skin but we can't get everything from food. There is no harm in taking beauty supplements for the nutrients our body or skin is lacking. Taking multivitamins and antioxidants helps fight our skin against all external environmental factors.

  1. Use products with natural ingredients

There is a breeze in using skincare products these days but people must check the ingredients first. Avoid the product if it includes the terms like sulphates, paraben, phthalates, and formaldehyde as these would damage your skin instead of doing well. Say a big "yes" if the ingredients are natural as these would be safe to use.

  1. Stay stress-free and active

Our body is made in such a way that it sends certain 'responses' to help in coping when it finds any stress hormones in the body. Such responses when sent regularly cause skin aging. Also, the outer layer of the skin gets damaged and interrupts its defense mechanism.

Staying active or regular workouts not only helps in weight loss but also keeps the skin glowing and younger-looking as it promotes blood circulation. Hence, meditate, listen to soothing music, dance, take proper sleep, or do anything that keeps you stress-free and active.

Which products to use?

Vitamin C Face Wash

Everyone is aware of the benefits of vitamin C and what if you get these benefits everything you wash your face?? Yes, you read that right. Our face wash contains this essential nutrient that helps in repairing damaged skin cells, boosting collagen production, bringing radiance to the skin, evening out the skin tone, fighting early signs of aging, and removing dullness from the skin.

How to use?

  1. Wet your face with water.
  2. Take facewash generously and apply it all over the face.
  3. Give a gentle massage for a couple of minutes.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  5. Use morning and evening for effective results.

Youthful and Brightening Skin Face Serum

    This serum contains nutrients such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid which are essential for younger-looking and brighter skin. A regular application of this serum brightens your skin and treats issues like hyperpigmentation, sun damage, premature skin aging, etc. Vitamin C in the serum is highly responsible not only for shielding the skin from free radicals but also for collagen production whereas hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and hence, makes it suitable for dry skin too.

    How to use?

    1. Cleanse your face.
    2. Apply four to five drops of serum all over your neck and face.
    3. Use it twice a day.

    Sunscreen Enriched with Aloe Vera Extract

      Our product contains the qualities of both, sunscreen and aloe vera. This is the ultimate proof of its benefits on our skin. Sunscreen application shields the skin from sunlight exposure and hence, reduces the risk of sunburns, tanning, irritation, skin aging, cancer, etc. Similarly, aloe vera boosts collagen production and soothes and hydrates the skin.

      How to use?

      1. Cleanse your face.
      2. Apply it generously all over your sun-exposed body areas.
      3. Reapply it every three to four hours for the best protection.
      4. You need to apply it 15-20 minutes before going outside.