Saggy skin means loose and undefined skin that generally happens due to excessive weight loss and aging. Skin generally sags on the eyelids, jawline, throat, upper arms, stomach, and thighs. It is something that is not liked by anyone, of course. It is next to impossible to treat the sagging skin with home remedies; you need to go to the surgeon for treating it if skincare is not done since the beginning. Before going into that, let's know the reasons for skin sagging.

What Are The Reasons Of Skin Sagging?

  1. Aging

The most important elements to keep the skin firm are collagen and elastin which get reduced as we age. Other factors remaining constant, age is the reason which can't be ignored.

Poor lifestyle, pollution, and harmful UV rays increase the speed of aging and make the skin look wrinkled and saggy earlier than old age.

  1. Extreme weight loss

Obesity for a very long time can damage the collagen and elastin which are there in your skin. Hence, the skin may not bounce back after losing extra pounds as it would do normally.

  1. Medical conditions and disorders

Some certain medical conditions and illnesses cause skin sagging. Also, there is this disorder known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), which leads to a defect in collagen production and hence, results in saggy skin, especially on the face.

  1. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life-changing stage in women wherein they face a lot of changes in their body and saggy skin around the abdomen is the most common one. This occurs mostly in cases where women carry more than one baby.

An incredible solution to this is adding retinol into the skincare routine. Retinol is a type of vitamin A that is immensely beneficial for the skin and rest of the body. Go ahead to read the role of retinol in younger-looking skin.

Benefits of face serum

  1. Boosts collagen production

As mentioned already, collagen is prominent for healthy and firm skin. It also helps in the quicker replacement of dead skin cells and hence, it brings out healthier, fresher, and newer skin. This avoids skin sagging.

  1. Increases cell turnover

Retinol helps in boosting cellular turnover which means the dead skin cells are removed and replaced by newer cells. It acts from within the skin; hence, it works best after the skin is exfoliated. This way, it helps in avoiding skin sagging a lot.

  1. Shrinks the skin pores

The widely opened skin pores also give you an older and not-so-healthy look. Applying retinol helps in reducing the size of these pores. This makes the skin smoother and hence, keeps it away from sagging.

  1. Lightens the skin tone

Retinol has the capability of evening out the skin tone. You can start using retinol in any form and combine it with any other product for its maximum benefit. Retinol gets it done by speeding up the cell turnover and hence, gives the fresher look.

Product to use-

Youth Skin Renewal Face Serum

This product contains the elements which are vital for youthful skin- retinol and hyaluronic acid. It treats a lot of skin issues like sun damage, skin repair, skin aging, dark spots, and most importantly, wrinkles and skin sagging. This product is clinically proven and free of sulphates and paraben.

Our experts have formulated this serum in such a way that it gives you the maximum benefits of retinol without irritating your skin. It contains vegetarian collagen that gives you all the desired smoothness of the skin. Moreover, the content of hyaluronic acid would help the skin to hold moisture thereby preventing skin from sagging.