Body Lotion - How often do you use a body lotion? Are you one of those who uses body lotions only during the chilly winter months? Since when have you been pampering your skin with body lotion(s)?

There is quite a large group of people who tend to use body lotions only in the winter season and ignore this skin care routine for the rest of the year. Nonetheless, the magic wand of body lotion can only be fruitful throughout the year if it is applied on an everyday basis to nourish the skin and make it youthful and healthy.

The basic science behind this phenomenon is that just as the face, your body too has the characteristic of losing moisture throughout the day. In order to rejuvenate your skin, an appropriate body lotion should be applied to nourish and hydrate your skin while keeping it moisturized and plumped.

So, which according to us is the best moisturizing body lotion to try out this year? Well, first let us understand what exactly is body lotion and what makes it quite advantageous for the skin?


In simple terms, a moisturizer formulated to apply all over the body with which the body gets the daily dose of nourishment and hydration is called a body lotion. Body lotions are composed to halt the moisture from leaving the skin and instead assist in attaining the moisture from elsewhere to maintain the softness and hydration of the skin.

Contrary to the face moisturizers, body lotions are much well-supplied and are competent to give your skin that wholesome nourishment.


In one word - EVERYONE. Body lotions are usually designed to cover all the skin types and yet specifically the skin which are dry, flaky, itchy, rough and/or dehydrated. These types of skin conditions require a lot of moisturizing assistance and thus here’s when body lotions come into existence. Body lotions are a remedy for the needful and prevention for the masses.


Body lotions prove to be valuable in not just one or two ways, but for bountiful reasons.

  1. Supporting System

Body lotion works as a supporting hand for the skin barrier. In order to restrain the microbial invasion, the skin’s first line of defense AKA skin barrier is assisted by the body lotion to strip off the invaders through cleansing. Along with this, the skin barriers' natural defenses can be restored with the help of nourishing ingredients in body lotions which shall help in maintaining the skin’s microbiome healthy and balanced.

  1. Soft and Smooth

Regular application of body lotion can help soothe and soften uncomfortable skin. It prevents dryness and nourishes the skin deeply.

  1. Deals With Skin Issues

Specific skin conditions like cellulite, keratosis pilaris, dryness, eczema, acne can be targeted with some ingredients present in the body lotions.

  1. Minimizes Anti-aging Signs

Body lotions can reduce wrinkles, specifically in the uncovered areas such as the chest. It can also calm irritated patches and flare-ups.

  1. Feel Good With Body Lotion

Invigorate your mind and body by applying gorgeous smelling body lotions. Especially lotions enriched with essential natural oils and Vitamin C such as Dr. Sakhya’s Vitamin C and Ceramide Body Lotion which is an anti-aging powerhouse and an application to revitalize and energize dull skin.


Indeed, one of the most common queries arising when the topic of body lotion takes place is about the correct method to apply the body lotion. The most beneficial way to use body lotion is applying it right after a shower on warm and damp skin.

Let’s go through the procedure of applying body lotion on the skin to reap maximum benefits. Step 1.Post shower take a dollop of body lotion into your palms.

Step 2. To warm up the lotion for massage, rub your palms together.

Step 3. Now apply it all over your body mainly focusing on dry patches. Massage thoroughly in a circular motion so maximum absorption can be ensured. Repeat till the whole body is covered.

Step 4.Use daily for best results


Coming down to the most imperative part of this blog - selection of the right body lotion. Every human is different and so is their skin. In order to understand which body lotion is best suitable for your skin, one must first know their skin type to attain the maximum benefits. Along with this, your lifestyle and personal preference are also the factors which affect the body lotion’s selection process. Furthermore, the seasons can manipulate the choice of body lotion you are seeking for.

BUT what if you are given a chance to use a moisturizing body lotion that is suitable for all skin types and has other multiple perks?

Dr. Sakhiya’s Vitamin C and Ceramide Moisturizing Body Lotion is a powerful nourishing moisturizer which is universally safe for all skin types. Formulated by expert dermatologists at Dr. Sakhiya’s, this body lotion enriched with Vitamin C evens skin tone and becomes a shield for the skin to protect it from the damages caused by free radicals.

Moreover, as Dr. Sakhiya’s Moisturizing Body Lotion is completely free from toxic chemicals such as Paraben and Sulphate, it makes this lotion quite safe and sound to be used in your daily skincare routine.The lightweight and quick absorption characteristics along with being 100% vegetarian makes the body lotion by Dr. Sakhiya’s more favorable to gain a place in your bathroom cabinet.

Lastly, being clinically tested with proven ingredients, the Dr. Sakhiya’s Vitamin C and Ceramide Moisturizing Body Lotion proves to be one of the most suitable choices of body lotion to be tried this year.

Get your hands on Moisturizing Body Lotion by Dr. Sakhiya’s and protect your skin from unwanted harm, soften and supple the skin while nourishing and soothing dryness from inside out.