Routine, as the word suggests, skincare routine means taking care of your skin on an everyday basis in a sequential formation. Many people tend to believe that a healthy glowing skin is mostly backed up by genes, which in fact is not the only criteria. In order to attain a desired beautiful skin, one must abide by the laws of maintaining healthy lifestyle habits as well as the skincare routine. And to ripe the benefits of a skincare routine, it is quite imperative to understand your skin, to learn how to take care of it and give protection as well as to meet all of its requirements.

With the advent of modernization and technological advancement, humans have developed a tendency of acknowledging all the opinions, going through the product reviews, and lately watching numerous videos online before setting up a simple basic skincare routine which quite often leads to confusion. However, constructing a skincare routine depends on your personal choice. Dive down into this article to fathom out what exactly you are required to carry out in arranging a basic skincare routine as per your skin type.


It is quite crucial to determine the skin type you possess before you start with a skincare routine. Following are the skin types amongst which one shall be your skin type. 

-       Oily Skin Type

If your face feels very oily, greasy and you witness oil patches entirely on the tissue paper you have used to test then you carry an oily skin type.

-       Combination Skin Type

You possess a combination skin type if the T zone on your face seems to be oily, shiny and greasy as well as the same places on the tissue paper has oil patches BUT the cheeks are quite dry and normal.

-       Dry Skin Type

If your face skin feels too dry and stretched out BUT you have zero visibility about anything on the tissue paper, and you may experience white flakes tumbling down your skin, then you have a dry skin type.

-       Normal Skin Type

You are blessed with the normal skin type if you do not encounter anything on the tissue paper as well as on the face.

-       Sensitive Skin Type

You have sensitive skin if your skin reacts to any product and gets irritated easily.


Now, as you are familiar with the skin types, it will be quite a smooth ride for you to determine your specific skin type. Nonetheless, let it be any type of skin, a simple yet effective universal skin care routine called The CTM Routine (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing) can be followed to achieve the maintainable level of skin quality.

Following are the detailed steps to be followed to get the glowing and smooth natural skin.


Before applying any products, it is quite important to cleanse your skin in order to get rid of unwanted dirt, excess oil or grime which may have settled into your skin pores. It is essential to have a clean skin which is completely free from grime and oil for ingredients to absorb properly.


Toner, a tricky part in your skincare routine. Toners essentially just prime your face to absorb the ingredients in a better way at a later stage. Toners which include either moisturizing, soothing ingredients to soothe dry skin or chemical exfoliants to cure acne and pimples are the “good” toners.

WORD OF ADVICE: Get rid of your toner if it smells like a nail polish remover. These

alcohol-based toners are extremely harmful and may leave you stinging. Get your hands on a toner that contains salicylic acid, glycolic acid or lactic acid which works to limit breakouts, unclog pores, and remove blackheads over time. Bottom line - Choose your toners wisely!


In order to elevate the health of your skin immediately, apply serums which are generally concentrated doses of antioxidants and nutrients.

Our recommendation for you is to use serums rich in Vitamin C at the start of your day such as DR. Sakhiya’s Vitamin C Face Serum for youthful and brightening skin. It protects your skin from the environmental harm such as irritation and damage produced over the day, while also lightens dark patches over time.

For your bedtime routine, get your hands on DR. Sakhiya’s Retinol Face Serum for anti-aging and youthful skin. Its Hyaluronic Acid formula plumps up your skin by drawing water from the atmosphere into your skin and keeping it hydrated while you rest.


The only thing required to maintain your skin barrier which is responsible for keeping your skin healthy and glowing is the moisturizer. It is an essential step in your daily skincare routine as it hydrates the skin thoroughly.


Sunscreen - an armor against the outside world! It is a shield which protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Go for the Dr. Sakhiya’s Sunscreen, specially customized for all skin types. It is enriched with Aloe Vera Extract and has a SPF 30+. Moreover, this sunscreen is Non Greasy, Non Sticky and Waterproof making it most suitable for every human.

With this, you are ready to pamper your skin by indulging into an everyday skincare routine with DR. Sakhiya’s. And as said, make things simple, shine brighter.