There is as such no perfect definition or category of sensitive skin. Any skin may become sensitive at any time due to any reason. Sometimes it's the weather and other times it may be pollution that may cause irritation in your skin and make it sensitive.

You know your skin has become sensitive if you get rashes more frequently, your skin gets tanned easily and quickly, your skin reacts to cosmetics, if you face premature wrinkles and fine lines, etc. If you too are suffering from this, then here are certain essential tips for you that can help you big time.

Essential Skincare Tips For Sensitive Skin

  1. Use simple and basic products

Avoid harsh chemicals as this may make your skin all the way more irritated and sensitive. Use products that soothe and cleanse your skin, clean and refresh it, and remove all the dirt and impurities without drying it.

  1. Be gentle to your skin

You need to be gentle to your skin especially when and after you cleanse your face, like while rubbing and drying, and also while removing your makeup. If makeup is applied too much, hold it on your skin a bit longer rather than keep rubbing it. This is the least you can do to your skin.

  1. Keep serum in your daily skincare kit

Serums soothe sensitive skin, reduce inflammation and blemishes, upgrade skin texture, and help you in getting rid of pigmentation and dark spots.

  1. Avoid hot water

Use lukewarm or normal water to wash your face and also for showers. You should use such things that soothe your skin and calm it down. You can use a chilled damp cloth to keep on your face or an ice cube massage does the wonder.

  1. Never skip sunscreen

This tip is to be followed religiously by all the people regardless of their skin type. Sun rays do all the possible harm to skin and if it is sensitive, those do the blunder. The UVA and UVB rays are harmful like anything; hence, the skin needs to be protected with a broad-spectrum sunscreen throughout the day and the year.

  1. Stay hydrated

Water is the key to healthy and glowing skin. It calms and soothes the skin, hence, it is essential to keep the hydration level of the skin high. So, always keep a water bottle along with you wherever you go and if you are working, keep one at your desk.

  1. Keep a watch on your purchases

Sensitive skin does not go well with all the types of ingredients so it is highly required to look at the ingredients of the products you apply to your skin.

It is always advisable to go for a patch test before applying the product as a whole. Just apply a small amount of product anywhere on the body, except the face, 48 hours before to check for any reaction.

  1. Protect your eyes

Of all the body parts, the skin around the eyes is the most sensitive. So, it is not only essential to use the best quality cleanser and eye creams but also sunglasses are to be worn whenever moved outside.

  1. Consider external factors as well

Your skin is adversely affected if you drink, smoke, don't sleep well, stay in pollution, or do anything which is not good for your health. This may make the skin more prone to rashes and redness.

  1. Don't keep the makeup ON while you sleep

Not removing the makeup is the worst thing you can do to your skin. This can make any skin irritated, even if done once. So, make it a habit of cleaning your face daily before going to bed whether the makeup is applied or not.

Product you can use for your sensitive skin

  1. NZ Purifying and Glowing Skin Face Serum

Serums are highly essential for regaining the lost texture and our serum is highly efficient in it. It is a perfect product for vibrant and oil-free skin.

This product is lightweight and works tremendously well for all skin types. The topical application of this serum shields the skin and keeps it hydrated. It contains witch hazel extract and tea tree oil that are miraculous for sensitive skin.

How to use?

  1. Cleanse your face.
  2. Take a few drops of serum and apply them directly to the face and neck.
  3. Apply it twice a day for better results.
  1. Sunscreen Enriched with Aloe Extract

As aforementioned, sunscreens create a shield on the skin and also reduce premature aging, and also the risk of skin cancer. Aloe Vera reduces inflammation, soothes the skin, boosts collagen production, and also hydrates the skin.

Our sunscreen contains both features and hence, is perfect for sensitive skin. Apart from providing the aforementioned benefits, it also gives you an even skin tone and protects you from sun tanning and freckles.

How to use?

  1. Cleanse your face.
  2. Take a sufficient amount of sunscreen and apply it all over the exposed areas.
  3. Apply it 15-20 minutes before going outside.
  4. Re-apply it every 3-4 hours for best coverage.